“I attended Jenny Brook for the second time this year, last year being my first time ever.  Traveling up with my two daughters (aged 11 & 12) from Southern Rhode Island at 3:00 pm, immediately following our last day of school.  The festival is wonderful in every way imaginable…. a big festival experience with a small festival feel. The lineup, workshops, Sugar Shack, field picking, kids academy and overall professionalism of the staff make Jenny Brook a top-notch festival.

This year particularly  I had an experience worthy of sharing….my girls play competitive softball.  We had taken some time to practice in the field just over the bridge and received a lot of positive feedback from other festival-goers about how refreshing it was to see a dad and daughter out playing catch.  

At the conclusion of the festival, I was gassing up at the Sharon Country Store about seven miles down the road when I received a missed call from a Rutland VT area code.  I listened to the message, “Hi, this is Gordon from Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival and we have a leather Wilson baseball glove here.”

I couldn’t believe it.  My daughter left her glove, which was actually my old glove from little league, in the field and the only identifying marker on the glove was a faded permanent marker of my last name.  Candi, recognizing my last name, immediately had a staffer call and I was able to go back and retrieve the glove only minutes after I had left. It’s a good thing too because my daughter had a Big tournament starting the next day back home.  

A perfect example of a Big time festival experience with a small festival feel.

Thank you so much Candi and crew!  

Counting the days til JB 2019!”