Wall of Fame Donor List

The 2023 Wall of Fame is a tribute to our amazing 2023 donors who are helping us keep the spirit of

Bluegrass, Green Mountain Style alive and thriving.

Steve & Bette Abdu
Steve Adams
Whitey & Shelley Adams

Lawrence Bartlett
Joanna Bein
Andrew Bohrmann
Everett Brown
Irvin & Nancy Bruce

David & Eleanor Chapman
Janet Chickering & Ken Burchesky
Brenda Daniels
Tim Berry & Sue  Derby
George & Mary Devins
Brian Etling
Keith Franklin
Dan Freihofer
Doug Hamilton
Daniel Koretz, MD
Miriam Leach
Ted & Irene Lehman
Joel Long
Charles Lytz

William Mackendrick
John McDonald
Jay & Debbie McQuillan

Charles Merzbacher
Debra Miller
Nancy Burbank & Carl Grenier
Richard & Lisa Neubert
Charles Osterhaudt
Marcia Peters
Monique Privee
Sheila Ryan
John Reese
Cindy Rines
Morris & Dianne Root
Ralph Sherman
Deb Stevens
Joe & Dorie Stevenson
William Storrs
Gloria Tapke
Tom & Mandy Tassias
Paul & Joanne Thibodeau

Wayne & Theresa Wright

Donate now and join the list of supporters who help make our festival a success year after year.
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“Bluegrass, Green Mountain Style” experience for everyone.
Give today and become a part of the tradition!

Give today and become a part of the tradition!