We had an overwhelming response to name the Jenny Brook Otter.  There is no way we could have ever guessed we would receive so much feedback.  The three finalists you came up with made it very difficult to choose just one name so, as you know, we also had you pick one name out of the 3 finalists.  Along with your votes, we also received feedback in emails and social media telling us how difficult it was for you to choose a name.  We could only have one Otter name but from your feedback, we realized we really needed to honor all 3 finalists because they are all winners!

Thank you to everyone who participated and made their mark on Jenny Brook history. We’re excited to announce that starting from today, the Jenny Brook Otter will be named, Frosty!

Aaron “Frosty” Foster started attending Jenny Brook while we were in Weston, Vermont, and participated in the Jenny Brook Kid’s Academy.  He later became the instructor for the Kid’s Academy and ended up being an important part of the festival.  Everywhere Aaron went, he spread the word about our festival and that means the world to us that he thought so much of it.  We’re happy that so many of you voted for “Frosty,” he was everything Bluegrass is supposed to be.

On the first survey, we had a lot of suggestions for Oti the Otter.  The daughter of one of our long-time fans also suggested the Oti name because her Dad will be 88 years old this year and he’s the reason she likes Bluegrass Music. Oti Harrington is bridging the tradition from one generation to the other so it’s very fitting if we name the bridge that crosses into Sherlock Field,


Candi Sawyer is the promoter of the Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival.  She is Fernan Parker’s granddaughter, and from a young age, she learned a lot working side by side with him to put on the concert series at the Weston Playhouse and his small festival at Keep It Country Campground.

Without Candi getting her start in Weston, Vermont,  Jenny Brook may never have happened.  It was great that so many of you remembered those early years at the Weston Playhouse etc. so we’ve decided the area where the Weston Stage and Gazebo are located will now be called,