Utility Waiting List


As of June 11, 2022 remaining utility sites will only be sold at the gate on a first come first serve basis!


When you sign up for the waiting list it will ask if there is a certain area you’d like to be in.  If you are unfamiliar with the location of sites you can use the color-coded map to help make your choice.

Jenny Brook offers a limited number of prepaid utility sites in each area and the remaining are sold at the gate on a first come first serve basis.

The gates open at noon on Tuesday.  The earlier you arrive in the week the better chance you’ll have at purchasing a utility site at the gate.  After you buy your site, the staff will take you around on a golf car to show you what is available.

When you prepay for a site in a certain area, you are not guaranteed an actual site number, you are only guaranteed a site in that area.  It depends on when you arrive which actual site you will be setting up your campsite in.

When you arrive at the festival and see areas roped off, those are for the prepaid utility sites.

Since Jenny Brook was postponed in 2020 and 2021, the prepaid sites have already been sold.  They go quickly.

Camping reservations often get canceled.  By signing up for the WAITING LIST, we will notify you if a campsite opens up in your preferred area.