Since 2001, the Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival has been presenting the finest in bluegrass music from across the USA to fans from around the world who converge here in Vermont. The national network of venues, promoters, and festivals that helps bluegrass continue to thrive as a touring concern relies on the passion of individual true believers—and we couldn’t be prouder to do our part.

We believe we have a responsibility that extends to both the artists we work with and the audiences we entertain to ensure that every iteration of our festival is of the highest possible caliber. It is our mission to…

  • …present artistic line-ups that provide a snapshot of high-quality bluegrass, featuring legends of the past and superstars of today; cherished local favorites; and emerging talents that represent the genre’s future.


  • …offer a family-friendly event, with activities for all ages. Jenny Brook is a safe place for multi-generational families to explore and bond against a thrilling natural backdrop and the strains of wholesome music.


  • …connect fans with artists and provide educational opportunities. Bluegrass is essentially a communal form of music, with audiences invited to dance, sing and even pick along with the band. We help to dissolve the boundaries between fans and artists with communal jams, artist talks, and musical education programming.


  • …ensure that our event remains affordable. Unlike larger music festivals, Jenny Brook is not profit-driven—we seek only to be sustainable so that this thing we’ve built remains available to fans for many years to come.

 As a family-owned and operated business, we feel a genuine connection to the fans, artists, and staff who return year after year. It is for this community that we work so hard to put on great events, and to them that we owe our successes to date.