Leroy Troy & Tennessee Mafia Jug Band

Leroy Troy & Tennessee Mafia Jug Band


Five Guys and a Scrubboard, with Roots Like Wisdom Teeth

From the pastoral hills, hollers, shopping malls and interstate highways of Goodlettsville Tennessee,
home of Bill Monroe, Bashful Brother Oswald, Stringbean, Grandpa Jones, Keith Whitley and some
living country music performers, comes the most entertaining “blast from the past” since Lester Moran
and the Cadillac Cowboys. They’re the Tennessee Mafia Jug Band– five guys and a scrubboard, with
roots like wisdom teeth.
The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band have shamelessly stolen a feature of the old Roy Acuff Show– a bit
known as “Pap & the Jug Band“. There’s only so many graveyard numbers or raunchy love songs that
even the most rabid country audience can sit through without some kind of relief. This frolicking
fivesome brightens up the stage with rib-tickling old-time tunes. Even better, they have an utter lack of
self-consciousness (and some might say any sense of decorum). The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band not
only know the music, they wear the costumes, tell corny jokes and even do slapstick gags that throw a
cable-tv-numbed audience into hysterics. Grown women have lost control of internal organs when the
Jug Band entertains … tears a’ runnin’ down both legs!!

Featured Band Members:

Li’l Mikey Armistead:  Guitar & Vocals

Ernie “Sir Cecil” Sykes: Vocals & Jug

Handsome Dan Kelly: Fiddle

Mike Webb:  Dobro

Leroy Troy:  Banjo, Ukulele, Washboard & Vocals


BLUEGRASS GREEN MOUNTAIN STYLE! 381 Days 5 Hours 58 Minutes 6 Seconds till the GATES OPEN!