Weston Stage

Weston Stage

The Weston Stage is BRAND NEW!!!

  If you are familiar with the Jenny Brook Bluegrass Festival you’ll find it in the same place as the previous Grass Seeds Gazebo Stage.


Why is it called the Weston Stage?

Jenny Brook actually got its start in Weston, Vermont and we feel it’s nice to look back at the good ole days!

This stage will have a more intimate setting than the Main Stage

but still feature talented regional and national touring bands.

Bluegrass Green Mountain Style!!!

Saturday, June 24, 2017

1:30 PM     Katahdin Valley Boys

2:30 PM     Michelle Canning Band

3:30 PM     Aaron Foster & Dreamcatcher

4:30 PM     Marteka n’ William

5:30 PM     BigApple’achia