Jenny Brook Family Bluegrass Volunteers

Consider Becoming a JBFB Volunteer?  Read, sign up, Help Out!  We need you! Application is below.

Jenny Brook Family Bluegrass Festival (JBFB) is located in Tunbridge, Vermont.  It started out in 2001 as a very small festival and has grown larger each year.  We have always been known as having a small friendly staff and everyone works really well together.  At Jenny Brook Family Bluegrass, the staff is the heartbeat of our organization. Staff participates in every aspect of JBFB operations and we could not do what we do without them! Volunteering at Jenny Brook is an opportunity to meet people, who share the love of festivals, teamwork, and at the same time enjoy great music.

The festival has grown and it’s time to add more friendly faces to the Jenny Brook Staff.  Jenny Brook wants and needs your help as we move into our 17th year.  Let us know if you are interested in greeting guest, parking, security, kids’ activities, or other areas listed in the Crew description below.


Definition of a volunteer:  an individual that willingly gives of their time for the betterment of JBFB with expectation of enjoying comradely for the love of Bluegrass music.

Essential Information on Volunteering

  • Must be 18 years old or older.
  • Read the Jenny Brook Bluegrass Crew descriptions for details to determine what Crew duty will best suit you.
  • Need to complete the Volunteer application. Indicate the crew that you are most interested in, and your second choice.
  • Must be able to work at least three hours per day (Monday – Sunday).
  • Each position will have a Crew Supervisor.

To maintain satisfactory volunteer status, volunteers must:

  1. Treat patrons, guests and other volunteers courteously at all times.
  2. Arrive for your shift on time.
  3. Complete all shifts assigned by your Crew Chief.
  4. Arrive for your shift completely sober and ready to help.
  5. Be a team player. Be ready to give a little extra if needed.
  6. Adhere to all other festival guidelines.

Without volunteers, it would not be possible for us to put on this festival. The following is what we can offer to our volunteers:

  1. Free or discounted admission to the festival.
  2. Our sincere appreciation for all your help!

Volunteers from previous years will have the first chance to work in the area they choose.  If you want to volunteer and plan to bring your children, arrange for a friend or relative to watch them while you are working.  If you volunteer you need to come prepared for any type of weather (it could be really hot, wet or cold).

Jenny Brook Family Bluegrass Festival (JBFBF) is in need of volunteers to help us for the 2017 – Annual Bluegrass Festival Jun 21st – 25th in Tunbridge, VT.

Volunteer Descriptions

Front Gate

Arrival at the gate is the first impression that our guests have of our event.  Patience and good listening is a must to ensure that each Guest has a pleasant experience right from the start ~ “out of the Gate”!

Your task will be distributing tickets, taking advance issued tickets, arranging for utilities and giving out general information.  In addition, helping in other areas as needed.  We need both greeters and bankers.  We scan tickets with smart phones so being familiar with these will be helpful. You’ll also need to be good at making change. Volunteers should arrive Monday for check in and be ready to work on Tuesday.

Traffic Control

You’ll be in charge of directing camper traffic so we can keep them off the main road.  We need someone who is really friendly because this is the first interaction the Jenny Brook fans will have!  We like our Jenny Brook Fans to be treated like they are part of the family-because they are!


Looking for individuals that enjoy working with the public.  Good communication skills a must, and ability to handle confrontations as necessary.  Ensure compliance of Festival rules is adhered to.

Kids’ Activity

This position must enjoy interaction with children.  Individual will have a prepared activity plan.  Examples of this would be crafts, nature walks, etc.  Also need volunteers to help with activities!

Tent Set-up & Dump Station

Must be physically fit to help putting up the tents on Monday, setup stages, put up banners, signs etc.  On Sunday you’ll need to collect money from the fans that are dumping their RV’s.  This position is not the most enjoyable but it allows you to enjoy more of the festival.  You’ll be eligible for the 6 day pass.

I’ve described Jenny Brook in the past as a puzzle.  It’s made up of tons of different pieces and when one is out of place, the puzzle doesn’t look all that great.  Without volunteers helping in many different ways, the puzzle can’t be put together.  Numerous hours are put in before the week of Jenny Brook.  Starting on Monday, June 20th we’ll start needing your help to pull off one of the best festivals in the northeast.  Thank you in advance for filling out and submitting this application.  Each volunteer must fill out this form.  We’d like to be able to give everyone a chance to be part of the Jenny Brook Team but there are only so many slots.  Placement will be given to the person we feel is most qualified for the job.

Definition for volunteer: a person who does work without getting paid to do it. Volunteering at Jenny Brook is a huge commitment.

Volunteers are required to work a minimum of three to four hour shifts each day depending on which area you’ll be volunteering. In exchange, you will receive your full festival ticket.  Some positions don’t require as much time and they will only be eligible for a reduced rate on your festival pass.

Applications must be received by April 30, 2017.  You will be notified if you have been chosen to join our team. Please don’t fill out this form if you are not able to commit.

Thanks for signing up to volunteer!


I would like to work in the following areas (in order of preference).