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Artists’ Stage

In 2017 the Artists’ Stage will be gathering performers to talk about their instrument, singing techniques etc. or to perform for you.

Make sure to check out at least one of the showcases during the festival.  You’ll enjoy a unique performance that’s available nowhere else but at the Jenny Brook Family Bluegrass Festival!

1:30 PM    BASS with Jason Moore from Sideline

2:30 PM   BANJO with Steve Dilling from Sideline

3:30 PM   DEMONSTRATION with Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show

4:30 PM   MANDOLIN with Randy Graham from Rickey Wasson Band

2:30 PM   DOBRO with Brad Hudson from Sideline

3:30 PM   FIDDLE with Nathan Aldridge  from Sideline

4:30 PM   GUITAR with Skip Cherryholmes  from Sideline

Past Artists’ Stage Interviews



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