We are always looking for individuals and/or organizations to Sponsor Jenny Brook. If you are interested, please send us an email at:


Location & Size Specifications Cost
Inside Front Cover 5 ¾” W x 8 ¾” H $300.00
Inside Back Cover 5 ¾” W x 8 ¾” H $300.00
Back Cover 5 ¾” W8 ¾” H $500.00
Inside – Full Page  5” W x 7 ¾” H $150.00
Inside – Half Page 5” W x 3 ¾” H $85.00
Inside – Quarter Page 2 ⅜” W x 3 ¾” H $60.00
Friends of Jenny Brook – Show Your Support! One Line $25.00
Inside Cover is SOLD.  Inside Back Cover is STILL AVAILABLE!

Choose from dropdown menu and Pay Online

Acceptable Formats:

Submission Methods:

Deadline:  Submit artwork before May 1, 2017

Stay tuned for the announcement! Jenny Brook 2018 Tickets will go on sale soon....
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